Ocean Edge is Bob Benes

Encinitas, 1961, Surfer and shaper, Bob Benes, has seen plenty of changes since his early days at Stone Steps in the early-sixties. Back then Bob bare backed and knee paddled his high performance 9-6. Since then he has had his fair share of twin fins, longboards, thrusters, eggs, and fishes. Born and raised in North County San Diego, Bob has time to figure out what works when. Bob has seen plenty of phases of the modern surfboard since 1994 when he started shaping again after a 20 year hiatus, Bob committed his designs to function. He is not afraid to bend the rules of surfboard design by mixing shapes together to create new functions. No, Bob isn’t going to quit his day job to just shape surfboards, but he sure gets stoked to see people having fun surfing his creations.

Call Bob at 760-685-2774.