The “Classic” longboard.

If you want old school, go with a 50-50 style longboard.

These boards have a kicked tail, traditional templates that allow the board to turn effortlessly while the nose is wide allowing the board to plane exceptionally well. They noseride like a dream. Usually these style masters are single fin nose riders, but the options are open. It’s all about style and trim in the original form.
“Hi-Performance Longboards”. Get the ultimate in glide and noseriding. Built with ultra-light foam. Slightly thicker nose with concave allows for longer tip time. Paddles great yet turns like a board one foot shorter than its actual length. The two plus one fin set up; a longer boxed center fin with two small side fins which makes for more drive, increased stability and better nose riding.
All boards are custom made and handcrafted to your specifications.